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Ramona Dimcheva
May 10, 2017

Ringling Bros. on Facebook Live


Edited: May 10, 2017


Ringling Brothers was home to my parents for 2 years in 1968 and 1969 . My father Sava Dimchev was one of the greatest performers from Eastern Europe with the perch act . Thanks to the European performers , Ringling had its Golden Age and I am very proud of my family for being part of it . Now after so many years of happy memories that were passed down to me I heard the unfortunate news that Ringling Brothers are closing . The red unit closed on Sunday and the final show of the blue unit will be on Sunday the 21st . Luckily for the world we will all be able to watch this show as it is being live streamed via Facebook live . As Sam Gomez ( Vice president of Ringling ) said ," The live show allows people to “witness the end of an era . We wanted to give families around the world one last chance to experience ‘the greatest show on earth’ together." . To read more details I highly suggest reading this article

on CBS and checking Ringling's Facebook Page to stay updated .


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